Why the LAOFCS was started...


Los Angeles is commonly referred to as the Movie Capital of the World and criticism is a big part of the industry. 

Before the inception of the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society, there was only one critic group that represented the LA area. Major cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Austin had established online critics groups but not Los Angeles. This discovery prompted the launch of the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society in 2016.

The primary goal of the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society was to bring together a passionate group of critics who represent the voices of the city in which the organization is based. The focus has always been on bringing together a diverse group of critics that capture the viewpoints of all backgrounds, not only in the city of Los Angeles but across the United States and aboard.

Diversity is incredibly important in film criticism and the LAOFCS wants to make sure that all voices are represented within our group. In addition, we wanted to embrace critics who found new ways to criticize film whether that be through vlogs, webcasts, podcasts, or social media.

The Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society is looking to redefine what it means to be a film critics group by having a year-round presence. Most critic organizations surface at the end of each year as a way to help determine which films will ultimately be deemed award-worthy. We are a critics group that openly discusses film throughout the entire year and not only during award season.

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