Kit Bowen

Media Affiliation: ScreenPicks, The Movie Kit, Rotten Tomatoes, Fandango, and Screen Rant

Biography: Kit Bowen has turned her extraordinary passion for all things entertainment into a long and varied career in the entertainment business. It started as a kid, watching old flicks with her mom on TV and going to see Disney movies on the big screen. The passion only grew as she got older, and for a brief moment, she wanted to be an actress. Kit attended UCLA to study theater arts  but instead opted to get a B.A. in English. A wise choice, as it turns out.

For over 15 years, Kit has been an online entertainment journalist, reporter and film critic, writing for sites such as ScreenPicks, Screen Rant, Fandango, ExtraTV and You can also watch her mixing it up on camera with celebrities on Rotten Tomatoes and We Got This Covered. Oh, and she has a blog (as you do) called TheMovieKit, and when she updates it, shares her thoughts on movies, including a new web video series called The Movie Kit Happy Hour.  On the whole, Kit just thinks of herself as a walking IMDb, and there really isn’t a genre she doesn’t enjoy to some degree. Action and sci-fi movies are her favs, though, and she is defined by how times she has seen Jaws. It’s a lot.

Favorite Films: JawsTerminator 2, The Matrix, Alien, Aliens, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Godfather Parts 1 and 2, All the President’s MenBaby Driver and Wonder Woman

First Film You Ever Saw:  If you’re counting on TV, then probably The Wizard of Oz. Big screen? Had to be a Disney movie. I think it might have been The Love Bug.

Social Media: Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn