Debbie Lynn Elias

Media Affiliations: Behind The Lens (radio and online) and Elias Entertainment (syndicated)

Biography: Debbie Lynn Elias has been a published journalist for over 40 years, writing everything from hard news to public service announcements, travel pieces, celebrity interviews and profiles, book-theater-restaurant reviews, legal briefs, informational news stories, and for the past 32+ years, film reviews. She previously served as managing editor and writer for a national legal magazine, and is the author of the children’s book entitled “Narcissa Cooks the Kitchen.”

An award-winning producer and writer, Debbie spent years honing her technical and creative skills in tv and film production, as well as journalism, starting in the early days of cable television and news broadcasting and then moving into episodic tv, feature films, PSAs, and music videos, Debbie easily vacillated between the different formats and different job capacities, working on crews with then fellow novices and burgeoning directors/producers, among them, Roger Spottiswoode, Don Coscarelli and Stephen J. Cannell. Combining her practical training and experience and love of film & television with her journalistic expertise and years of education, experience, and personal connections in the television and film business, now, in her capacity as a film critic, Debbie brings unique and interesting perspectives to her film reviews and interviews.

Passionate about preserving our film and television history, Debbie is a member of the prestigious Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. One of the few film critics in the country to have worked in both the technical and creative ends of the tv and film industries, Debbie’s movie reviews and interviews are carried in over 140 print and online entertainment sites worldwide with over 1 million weekly readers.

Still active in the production end of film and tv, Debbie is a champion of independent film and filmmakers, and not only serves as a consultant to first-time and independent filmmakers but remains hands-on with production as Executive Producer of the award-winning web series, “Co-Op of the Damned”, Executive Producer of the award-winning short film “Bunker”, the experimental short film “like/comment/subscribe”, “The Cat’s Cradle” directed by award-winning director David Spaltro, the Halloween comedy horror short “Bitter”, among others, and most recently as Associate Producer of the award-winning “Cathedrals.”

But it’s not just indie films and filmmakers that have Debbie’s never-ending support. She is a devotee and historian of classic film and television since the age of four years when she watched Murnau’s 1929 “Nosferatu” and WWII and Shirley Temple movies with her father, broadcast television Hall of Famer Ed Elias, while her mother exposed her to the magic of Cary Grant, MGM musicals, and “Gone With The Wind.”

You can also find Debbie on the red carpet at events like TCM Classic Film Festival, Film Independent Spirit Awards, Los Angeles Film Festival, Dances With Films, and more. A favorite with distributors, publicists, and talent alike as a moderator for screenings and panels, Debbie also moderates/hosts premieres, post-screening Q&As, in-depth panel discussions, and more, adding that extra spark and extra thought to engage an audience and the talent just a bit more. She is also the force behind the Ed Elias Future Filmmaker Grants supporting the future filmmakers of tomorrow.

For the past 5+ years, Debbie has expanded her media complement to include radio and video podcasts which boast a large international audience. As creator and host of Behind the Lens, you can catch Debbie on the radio at, live on Mondays at 11am PT/2pm ET. Miss the show? Catch up with audio and/or video podcasts 24/7 right here at, iTunes, Stitcher, the archives, and more!

With a motto of Educate, Enlighten and Entertain, Debbie does just that in every facet of her work.

Favorite Films: Now, Voyager, Moulin Rouge! (2001), Singin’ In The Rain, Disney’s Babes In Toyland, Bohemian Rhapsody, An American In Paris, Frequency, Star Wars, Potemkin, Gone With the Wind, anything by Hitchcock, and anything lensed by cinematographers Leo Tover or Bobby Bukowski

First Film You Ever Saw: Nosferatu (1929)

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