Why We Started LAOFCS

Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood as well as the film industry. There are hundreds of critics in the Los Angeles area and yet there is only one critics circle. San Francisco, New York, Austin, and all other major cities throughout the USA have Online Critics Society but not Los Angeles. We wanted to change that and therefore have launched LAOFCS.



Our Story

Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society was started as a way to redefine what it means to be part of a film critics group. At the end of each year, several film critics circles begin to appear and discuss their favorite films of the year. We wanted to create a film critics group that would cover film throughout the year and not just during award season.

Meet the Founders

Scott Menzel

Founder & CEO

Scott "Movie Man" Menzel is the Editor-in-Chief, and main Entertainment Journalist for 'We Live Entertainment.'

Scott Mantz


Scott “Movie” Mantz is the resident Film Critic and Film Segment Producer for “Access Hollywood” and “Access Hollywood Live.”

Krisily Kennedy

Vice President

Krisily Kennedy is the Editor-in-Chief of one of the 'The Movie Chickk' as well as the current Los Angeles Film Segment producer for InDemand.

Check out our Press Releases

All of our press releases plus our official lists for best and worst films throughout the year.