Scott Menzel (Founder)

Scott Menzel is currently the Editor-In-Chief of We Live Entertainment. Scott specializes in film reviews, interviews, and film festival coverage.

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Scott Mantz (President)

Scott "Movie" Mantz is best known as the resident Film Critic and Film Segment Producer for “Access Hollywood” and “Access Hollywood Live."

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Ashley Menzel (Vice President)

Ashley Menzel was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, films have always served as an escape. Moving to Los Angeles in 2014 gave Ashley the opportunity to pursue film full-time.

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LA Online Film Critics Society

Los Angeles is commonly referred to as the Movie Capital of the World and is the home to hundreds of film critics.

Film criticism is a huge part of the film industry and before LAOFCS there was only one critic group in representing the entire Los Angeles area. Scott Menzel saw this as quite a disadvantage and had the idea to create a new film critics circle that would feature a group of members that represent the city of Los Angeles as a whole.

The Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society focus is on bringing together a diverse group of film critics that accurately captures the view-points of all backgrounds, not only in Los Angeles but across the United States.



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Check out our member page to see a full list of critics' who are now part of our organization.