Scott Menzel (Chairman)

Scott Menzel is the Editor-In-Chief of We Live Entertainment. He specializes in reviews, interviews, & film festivals. Scott is also a co-host on Meet The Movie Press & Black Tomatoes.

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Scott Mantz (President)

Scott "Movie" Mantz is currently the host of Movie Review Talk on Collider Video. Scott is also an award-winning producer and an in-demand Q&A moderator.

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Ashley Menzel (Vice President)

Ashley Menzel is the lead female film critic for We Live Entertainment. After moving to Los Angeles in 2014, Ashley used the opportunity to pursue film criticism as a full-time passion.

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Krisily Kennedy (Secretary)

Krisily Kennedy has been reviewing and creating online content breaking down the movie industry since 2011. She is the creator and Editor In Chief of one of the only all-female movie news sites, The Movie Chickk.

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LA Online Film Critics Society

Los Angeles is commonly referred to as the Movie Capital of the World and is the home to hundreds of film critics.

Film criticism is a huge part of the film industry and before LAOFCS there was only one critic group that represented the Los Angeles area. Scott Menzel saw this as quite a disadvantage and had the idea to create a new film critics society that would feature a group of members that would accurately represent the city of Los Angeles as a whole.

The Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society focus is on bringing together a diverse group of film critics that accurately captures the viewpoints of all backgrounds, not only in Los Angeles but across the United States.


LAOFCS Collage

Check out our members

Check out our member page to see a full list of critics' who are now part of our organization.